New Here - Cautiously Posting

I'm just over 7 weeks and have been on IF roller coaster for 5 years now with multiple singleton losses.  This is first twin pg.

So, unfortunately, I know through various boards and have had friends IRL who have had twins this early, but then lost 1 or both.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just being cautious (and anxious) as I say "hi" and probably lurk a lot right now.

Hope to learn alot and can stick around awhile.  Thanks for letting me join you.

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Re: New Here - Cautiously Posting

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    Congrats and welcome!!  Feel free to lurk and continue to post - the ladies here are friendly and very helpful.

    Sorry to see your previous losses : (

    ~Crystal~ SAHM to Sam (5), Hugh (3), Mary & Grace (22 months) : )
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    Welcome.  Hope you have a smooth and joyous nine months!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the board!  Here's hoping for a very happy & healthy nine months for you!

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    So sorry to hear about your previous losses and it's totally understandable to 'lay low' for a while. I wish you nothing but health & happiness in the upcoming months!
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    Congrats and welcome.  Best wishes!
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    Congrats!  After my own struggles including several years of ttc, a m/c, and 3 c/ps I fully understand being cautiously optomistic.  I hope these are your sticky babies!!!

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    Congratulations!!  H&H pg :)
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