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So, hello :)

Had another u/s yesterday and baby looks like a BABY... already!  Arms and legs waving around. 

I guess we're having a baby.  Still in denial, but I bet lots of us are before we start telling people.  I did 2 IVFs to get pg with my girls, and never in a million years thought I would get pg w/out help.

I'm an old crow of 37 ;)  Nervous as h*ll to tell people as my pg is going to be inconvenient for a few people.  I have to back out of my cousin's Cabo wedding on May 7th (I'm her MOH).  My boss will be anxious that I'll end up on bedrest again.  My girls' PT nanny will probably have to go as she won't be capable of caring for all three.  The list could go on.  But seeing those arms and legs waving... there's nothing like it.

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Re: So, hello :)

  • Congrats!!  Yeah, it's still surreal to me, too.  It was like the RE was telling us about someone else's baby.  I'm encouraged to hear of people getting pg with #2, after fertility treatments for #1 (or 1 & 2 in your case). :-)  We went through 2 IVF's to get where we are, also.
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  • Congrats!

    I love your girls! Your pic is familiar but I can't place you...BOTB? 


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  • Thanks ladies!

    Yes, MrsH you never know!  I would always roll my eyes at people who said maybe I'd get a freebie...what a shock.

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  • I've seen you somewhere too!  I lurk around various places, though :)

    I might be asking you lots of twin questions. 


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  • Everam01, yeah I'm on TB mostly.  Multiples, 12-24 (or whatever age my girls are), and I love Baby Names.  I also like F&B on TN.

    Ask away :)  Also, the multiples board is great... very little drama.  GL!

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  • i have to back out of a destination wedding i'm in on 5/7 as well... i feel so bad about that.
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