I just hurt.

::: Warning - whine alert!!:::

For the past 2 days, I've just really been hurting.  My SI joint is really unstable, and my pubis symphysis is starting to shift, too.  There is no real comfortable position to sit, stand or lie down. I went to PT yesterday, and she said my pelvis was "jacked up".  DH has been helping me roll over, and when I do, I hear and feel a huge "klunk" that is either my SI joint moving in or out of place, or my pubis symphysis.  DH hears it, too - loud and clear.  I just need a 10 minute break from the discomfort and pressure!!

Okay, whine over.  Thanks for letting me!

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Re: I just hurt.

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    Sounds pretty bad!  Can you get into a pool somewhere?  I fantasized from bedrest about getting in a pool and floating and taking the pressure off.
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    Sounds pretty bad!  Can you get into a pool somewhere?  I fantasized from bedrest about getting in a pool and floating and taking the pressure off.

    Oooooh, that would've been wonderful!

    I remember being so uncomfortable in the third trimester.  The only thing that helped was getting up - especially with my heartburn - and I was on strict hospital bedrest!

    Hope you find some relief.

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    The last couple weeks are tough!  But you are almost there...  I hope you feel better soon.
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    I"m with you. The pain in the pelvis at night it really really bad. I feel better once I get up in the morning but it doesn't last long. The idea of a pool sounds great I might give that a try myself. I hope you can find a comfy position soon.
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    I have been suffering from this since week 13 and I am 25w now. So I feel your pain!  It is unbearable at times and it never goes away. The doctors kind of don't care as long as the babies are okay. 
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    So sorry! my DW had the same problem from 31W until the birth...she did lots of chiro and massage and her OB prescribed  pain meds at the end because she couldn't walk or sleep...Check to see if there's anything anyone can do or recommend....maybe accupuncture? DW didn't do it, but I've heard it can really help sometimes

    Just a little longer to go!!!

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