Almost 38 wks!!

I just can't believe it. If you asked me when i was 20 wks pregnant i would have told you there was no way my little body would hold these babies in for more than 34wks!!!! That was my personal goal. Once i hit 34 wks then i moved the goal to 36wks...once 36wks hit i was like ok i can go whenever but i am 2 days away from 38 wks!! The babies weight guesses are 6.9 and 6.14!!!!

This time next week i'll be a MoM. It's hard to believe after 5yrs of trying and 3.5 yrs of fertility we will finally be parents. I can't wait to meet these little babies. And i can't wait to have my body back! lol...heartburn has been hell since 13wks but it'll all have been worth it.

Sorry..i think it just hit be today lol....

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Re: Almost 38 wks!!

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    Congrats and best wishes for a happy and healthy delivery!
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    Woohoo! Great job cooking those babies! You will be holding them before you know it!
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    You've done awesome! Just a few days until you're a MoM! Good luck!!
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    Fantastic job mama! It's almost time!
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    Congrats! You have done a fabulous job! Best wishes for a speedy and easy delivery!
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    Yay Congrats Mama!!!  That's how I felt towards the end!  I can't wait to see your little ones. 
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    Yeah! Congrats Mama! I'm still hanging in there despite my Cervadil last night. Some contractions but nothing major. Waiting for the phone call to go back to L&D for pitocin. It's been a long day of waiting so far. Good luck with everything, can't wait to see pics of your LO's!
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    That is SO great!!!  You should be really proud of yourself - 38 weeks is fabulous.

    Enjoy the few days of your pregnancy and I can't wait to hear about the birth of your precious ones.

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    Congrats on making it that far!!!  Can't wait to see pics!
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    So awesome!!! You are getting really close. That is so exciting !!!!!
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    So thrilled for you momma!  Good job growing those big fat babies!


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