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Delivery at Tulane Lakeside?

I am 3 months along, I've been seeing Dr. Kennedy at EJGH and have Blue Cross insurance. With all the issues between EJ and Blue Cross, I now have to deliver at Tulane Lakeside or switch doctors. I am considering either swithcing to Von Allman at Touro or delivering with Dr Kennedy at Tulane Lakeside. I love Dr Kennedy but have heard mixed things about labor and delivery at Tulane. Anyone with experience with either have a suggestion?

Re: Delivery at Tulane Lakeside?

  • I can't comment on Tulane Lakeside, but I had a fantastic experience at Touro.  I have heard good things about Von Allman (I think?).  I see Dr. Perret and delivered at Touro last time and will do the same this time.  My doctor and the hospital (including the nurses) were very supportive of my birthplan (which was med-free and as intervention-free as possible).  I haven't a negative thing to say about Touro - everything went pretty smoothly.  Just make sure you are comfortable with whatever doctor you choose - that will make a world of difference.
  • I had a scheduled c-section a Lakeside. I have no complaints about my experience. My room had 2 beds in it so my husband was able to sleep in a regular bed all 3 nights! He was very happy about that. (Private Room)

     I liked all my nurses. The lactation nurses were sometimes slow if called I for one. I just think they were busy but the other nurses helped me with breastfeeding.

    I had my son in January and it looked like they were doing some remodeling so hopefully all that will be done by the time you get there.

    I think staying with a doctor you are comfortable with is more important though. I would have delivered at almost any hospital to stay with my doc.

  • I was born at Lakeside, so I vote for that! :D

    My boys were born at Ochsner, so I can't comment on Touro, but lots of friends have delivered there and I've only heard good things about it. 

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  • I'm in the same boat you're in.  I'm also BCBS and see Dr. Hevron at EJHS.  Asking around I've heard some good things about Lakeside (plus it's right around the corner from my house so that's a plus.)  I really hope EJ can work out something before I have to deliver though... the nurses there seemed hopeful that something would although I don't think they're betting on it.

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  • Thanks for all the feedback! I am also hoping they work it out...
  • I'm deliverying at Tulane Lakeside. My good friend just had a c section there in September, this was her 2nd delivery there and she seems to like it (and she's picky!). I haven't compared it to other hospitals but it seems nice. They did remodel and all rooms are private rooms now .
  • I know this post is older, but I did want to share my experience at Tulane-Lakeside.


    I had a scheduled c-section so things went pretty smoothly where that was concerned.  The rooms are nice and my husband slept on the sofa in the room.

    The lactation nurses are phenomenal and super-helpful.  Everyone that came in there had a different method or advice to share, which I needed. All of my questions were answered.  The nurses were very friendly.

    My ONLY complaint would be that you won't sleep much at all.  There are alot of students (nurses and doctors) coming into and out of the room to check on you at all hours.  It seemed like i could only get in like 2-3 hour stretches at a time then someone was waking me up to check my scars or ask me questions or give me medicine.  Maybe it's like that at every hospital! Other than that, I had a great experience there and would recommend it to others!

    Good Luck!

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