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Should I see my family doc?

I have known for three weeks that I'm pregnant.  I obviously called and made an appt with my OB who won't see me until I'm almost 10 weeks, October 26.

People keep asking me if I've gone to the dr, or had bloodwork drawn... I haven't.. I'm only going on the positives tests I've had, no period and my symptoms.  I know I'm pregnant, but should I go to at least my family doc so they can confirm? 

I know I probably should have asked this three weeks ago, but I'm starting to wonder with all the questions I'm getting. 

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Re: Should I see my family doc?

  • When we started ttc, I asked my pcp who to make an appt with, him or my OB or both.  He said the appt is to confirm pregnancy and that there's no need to do both.  My ob orders blood between the 11th and 13th weeks.  I learned that when I asked if there's blood work they could order for me to get done at my pcp before my first ob appt.  (I keep getting ahead of myself).  They said no, they wait until 11-13 wks.  My pcp also told me at the ttc appt that the tests they use to confirm pregnancy are essentially the same ones I'd buy at the store. 

    Talking to him about it made me feel better.  I wish he wasn't so laid back about things, but that's what he told me.  Hope this helps!
  • My MD told me there is no reason to come in until I am atleast 8-10 weeks along unless I am having concerns of some sort (i.e., bleeding, unbearable cramping). He also told me that there is no reason to confirm a pregnancy if you have had a +HPT as false positives are VERY rare and blood pregnancy tests are around $85. If you're like me you probably took more than one HPT (I took 4)! Big Smile

    It's no fun to wait because all we want to do is go to our OBs and hear that heartbeat, I'm trying so hard to be patient but I definitely feel your pain!

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  • It is rare that an OB (or any doctor) will take blood to confirm a pregnancy. Blood is typically taken, and betas checked, when there is a history of loss or some other medical concern.

    Blood taken between 11w and 14w is for the NT Scan - it is not to confirm pregnancy. And it is optional. Blood taken here can also test for RH +/- and diseases (STDs, etc).

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  • I guess I'm the odd ball. For my insurance, I had to confirm my pregnancy with my PCM so I could get a referral to an OB, but that is the military for you. :)
  • My family doctor looked at my positive pregnancy test and told me I wasn't pregnant and so did his nurse, so in my case it didn't help.  Of course, the blood test that confirmed he was an idiot was satisfying. I only went, because I had scheduled a physical before I even got pregnant.

    It really isn't necessary.  You are pregnant and they normally don't even do a blood test.  You just pee on another stick in the doctor's office. 

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  • Thanks everybody! makes me feel better.  Drives me crazy how people keep asking if I've had blood work, even though so far this pregnancy (my first ever) has been by the book. 

     I'll be patient for 3 more weeks till my 10 week appt.

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  •  It is totally normal to OBs to not see you until you are 10 or so weeks. With my son I wasn't seen until 12 weeks, unless there is a known issue (IF, previous m/c or other preexisting conditions).

    And it changes from OB to OB, but unless you have any concerns besides the normal 1st tri worries I would safe the money. :)

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  • My doctor wants to see me...  I don't see the midwife till Oct 26th as well. But I am seeing my doctor this week.

    I called and asked if they needed to see me and they were like "um yeah, you should have called weeks ago. You need to come in". SO I asked what the first appointment was and.. drumroll.. its to pee on a stick! I was like "yeah, I've been barfing for three weeks, I dont need to pee on a stick. I have peed on two, I know how to read them". And they said its "procedure"...

    So yeah.

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  • I wouldn't waste the copay unless you really need to hear from someone that you are pg.  Your PCP will most likely just do a pee test, which you have obviously already done.  Unless you have m/c history or other preexisting condition, they probably won't draw betas so you wouldn't get any new info.  But waiting does suck. 
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