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Alternating sides for injections?

This sounds like a silly question to me, and I'm guessing I'll hear, "No it doesn't matter" but I'm still curious.

My RE told me to alternate sides of my stomach that I do my Gonal F injections in every night.  (So one side doesn't get more 'bruised' than the other, even though I don't bruise anyway?  Because it's medically necessary?  I don't know...)  When I went for my monitoring appt yesterday, only my right ovary has any lead follicles.  So...does it make sense to still alternate sides, or should I only inject on the right side?  I'm assuming that it doesn't matter and no matter where you inject it, both ovaries will be affected by the meds but it still made me wonder.


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Re: Alternating sides for injections?

  • I usually did one side lupron (in am), other side follistim/menopur cocktail (pm) on the other, and then swtiched in the am.

     You don't need to switch sides though.   There were times I did the same side and it was fine!

  • i always switch sides but it;s just what people "should do" when injecting...hormones, insulin.  you can even move above/below belly button.  your body is what decides where the hormones get used, not the side they are injected. "normal" people who regularly ovulate on their own get their hormones from the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. so we get to put ours closer to be absorbed :)
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  • I rotate R thigh, belly, L thigh and go round robin.  Now that I will be up to 300 iu of Follistim twice a day it is REALLY important to rotate sites.  The higher doses have caused bruising and welts :(


  • When I was doing follistim for me IUI I would do one on the left, one below, and then the right and repeat.
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  • I alternated sides, however, I think my right side took the shots better than my left.  I bruised slightly on my left. 
  • It's good to switch your injection sites around so it's maximally absorbed.  You can develop scarring in the tissue which could affect how it is absorbed.  HTH.
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