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Vitamins questions

I'm about 5 weeks along and I won't see my OB until October 11th and I'm not taking any folic acid or prenatal vitamins yet.  Should I wait to see what my doctor will tell me to take or just I buy it on my own?  Are any of you taking prenatals already? 


Re: Vitamins questions

  • A lot of us were taking the prenatals when we were TTC and just continued to take them while we were waiting for our first OB visit.  Start taking them now.  You can either call your OB and ask which brand he recommends or you can buy them yourself.  My OB said there isn't a huge difference between them.  I use the Target brand that was recommended to me by other lovely ladies on these boards and they don't seem to bother my stomach.

     Good Luck and Welcome!

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  • Im taking prenatal vitamins. But they were prescribed by my OB.
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  • Like PP, I've been taking prenatals for about a year while TTC. I take the Rainbow Light brand. I would recommend starting to take something while you wait for your appointment. A lot of important developmental things happen in the first weeks.
  • I actually went for a preconception visit, and my ob told me that my Publix complete multivitamins were an inexpensive and perfect thing to take, with plently of multivitamins with good levels. At least take something - research says that a build up of folic acid IN your system is needed for healthy development of neural tubes! :)
  • I also favor Rainbow Light. It doesn't have cornstarch, dye, gelatin,wax or other icky additives so my tummy feels fine after taking it.  And since I'm an ovo-vegetarian, I really appreciate that they're certified vegan. Before getting preggers, I took Rainbow Light's "Just Once" multi-vitamins.

    Your baby needs the folic acid NOW! Many neural tube defects happen due to a folate deficiency and in the first few weeks of pregnancy so you'll definitely want to go pick up your own before seeing your doctor.

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