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Any Canadian moms deliver preemie in US?

I'm heading to disneyland next week with DH and DS for a week getting back just before my 28th week. Doc gave me the go ahead to travel, and I've got good Blue Cross Medical Travel Coverage for the what ifs. However, they told me that if I delivered while there that my healthcare including delivery would be covered but that DD would not be covered because I cannot add members to my plan (even though I subscribe to family plan already) while out of the country. That is so strange.

 I physically feel fine in this pregnancy and doc said it was okay to travel (however I delivered DS at 33 weeks, so it's got me mildly worried).

If you delivered your preemie in the US, did you have coverage? Was it expensive?

Re: Any Canadian moms deliver preemie in US?

  • I feel like if you are worried about traveling and possibly delivering early, then you should probably postpone your trip. Right now you are just looking at the what ifs of insurance coverage. How are you going to handle having a baby in the states and yet living in Canada? Who will stay with your LO? Can your family afford that? A 28 weeker would probably be in the NICU for at least 4-6 weeks, who will look after your other child? It's just some things to think about. It is REALLY expensive to live somewhere and have you child somewhere else ( I had my child in Florida, but we lived in Texas).
  • I would definitely postpone your trip. American health care is SO expensive. We have insurance coverage. If we hadn't, we would have had to pay for DD's NICU bill of $128,000. My hospital bill was $28,000. I wouldn't risk it.
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