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Does anyone else think....

that "I'm teabagging for Jesus" sounds dirty, or is it just me?


The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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Re: Does anyone else think....

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  <3 you, Katie!  I guess my mind is in the gutter, too!
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  • Cannot.Stop.Laughing.

    That's awesome!

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  • You just made my night!!
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  • Clearly that woman's wit is missing some!!!
  • Not only is the picture great, but so is the border "Democracy. It has its flaws." Love it!

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  • OMG Hum, um, well yes that sounds pretty dirty to me! I love that you found this and shared it! 
  • OMG. YES! That totally sounds dirty!
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  • This is seriously hilarious.  I copied it and sent it in an e-mail to a few close friends.  It made my morning (and night too - my H and I looked at it last night!)
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  • Love it!!  Maybe it is her way to rationalize her sexual life!  Stick out tongue
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