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We had our first appointment at the fertility clinic today.  I was not anticipating the nerves that began the minute we got off the elevator.  It went well found out that if we can convince my wife's insurance company that we really are legally married they will cover everything but the swimmers, just once more hurdle I suppose.  The money aspect scares the hell out of me but I guess that is the nature of starting a family in general.  Next step is to make sure everything is in full working order and picking a donor.  We are delaying our first try 3-4 months because my mother had a stroke.  She is doing well but will need some extra care for a while.  So we are taking the good with the bad and getting ready to try and start our family.
We had three BFN in the Fall of 2011. It is back on to some baby making come June. Swim little fellas, SWIM!!!!

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  • Best of luck! getting the coverage would be amazing!

    I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well and I hope her recovery continues to be smooth.

  • Good luck!!!!
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  • I hope your mom is okay and makes a speedy recovery.

    If you can get coverage do it, you will save a fortune. Good luck!

  • Good luck!

    It's exciting to start the process!

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