Pack-n-plays and gliders

Hi everyone-

A few questions for you-

1. Do you recomend 1 or 2 pack-n-plays?  And, without the bassinet feature can the pack-n-play be used for sleeping when the babies are infants?

2. As far as a rocker/glider for the nursery- any suggestions?  I am planning on trying to breastfeed and wondering if some of the gliders we have seen at BRU will be big enough for all of us.  

Thanks in advance for any feedback!




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Re: Pack-n-plays and gliders

  • we used Arms Reach bedside cosleepers for sleeping at night - loved them.... we have 2 PNP's - but one is in our porch/room - a small one, just to put a child in when i'm getting them all into the car- so he's right there by the door and i don't have to go back inside.

    the other PNP is in the livingroom - and is our "baby jail" that we use for time outs and when mommy has to leave the room (to go to the bathroom usually, lol)... otherwise- we never used PNP's for sleeping at home --- we did use them for sleeping on vacation.


    Pack n Plays - We have 2 Pack n Plays for vacation (we went away for a week when the girls were 9 weeks), and also for going to Grandmas and sleeping over there, etc.  I keep one downstairs that I would use this summer to put the girls in when I did yard work, had a bbq, etc.  I moved a crib in my room for the girls when they slept in our room the first 11 weeks or so.  I agree with Goldie about the Arms Reach CoSleepers. I borrowed a friend's toward the end, and wished I'd had 2, and done it from the beginning.

    Glider- We have the PBK Comfort Glider Armchair.  It's pricey, but a family member purchased it as a gift.  I registered at PBK so we got a registry discount on it, and then later I purcased the ottoman with reward points from the chair.  It's wide enough that I can rock both babies, but not so wide that I can tandem feed on it w/ my My Brest Friend Nursing pillow (twin version).  I nurse in my bed or on the couch.  I love that chair.  Plus it's slipcovered, so when we're done with having babies, I can purchase a different slipcover and use it somewhere else in the house.

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