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About shoes...

This might be a ridiculous question but- when do little ones need shoes? Clearly when they start walking, but is there any reason for non-mobile infants to wear them? I have yet to try a shoe- though he was a spring newborn and it's not exactly cold yet... 

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  • Pre-walking, DS1 wore soft soled shoes through the winter to keep his socks on, and to keep him from knocking the heck out of his toenails on our hardwoods.  Robeez rocks for that purpose. 
  • We started putting shoes (ministars) on Jake to keep his socks on when we took him to day care once it started to get cold out.  If socks stay on you don't really need shoes (but good luck with that, ha ha!)

    Once Jake started pulling up and cruising, we got shoes with flexible soles so he could have protection outside.

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  • I find infant shoes completely unnecessary, unless it's the only way their socks will stay on in the winter.

    We didn't buy any shoes until Ella started walking. She took her first steps, I ordered her first shoes that day.

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  • I put them on a lot to hold on socks like others said and because I think they look so cute.  

    Now I am trying to put them on her because she likes to walk/stand everywhere we go. 

  • My LO is about the same age as yours. I bought two pairs this week. Obviously, they aren't really functional but I think it will keep her feet warmer (when wearing with socks) and will also help socks stay on. We never really put socks on her until recently and she has started playing with them/trying to pull them off.

    I think my LO has 4 pairs of shoes that she's already outgrown. She never wore any of them. I only bought one of the pairs and the others were baby shower gits.

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