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Annoyed with DH

DH told me that BIL would be coming over to pull up the carpet and sand the wood floor in the baby's room this week. He took off of work Tuesday becuase he didn't feel well and then took yesterday off to work on the room. He did get paint up but not as much as I was expecting. Then today I get a call from BIL saying that he is coming over to pull the carpet. There was stuff still in the room and boxes on the floor. I'm so annoyed with DH! He knew his brother was coming and that stuff needed to be moved. So today I come home from work and there are book cases in the hall and stuff all over the house! To top it off, with the crappy weather he isn't coming home at his usual time but a half hour later, and I have to deal with his cranky butt when he gets home and has to move stuff again. And I know better than to try and move anything 'cause that will just lead to me getting in trouble for doing too much. I wish I could lift and move stuff, I wish I could paint the walls...I hate feeling so helpless and restricted! *grrrr*

ETA-Ok so apparently DH didn't know his brother was coming today, he thought BIL was coming next week. In that case, serves BIL right. lol Oh and I tested boxes and the not heavy ones I I felt better about helping. Can any one say Type A personality much?? lol

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