10 month old feeding schedule

I just wondered what your LO's feeding schedules were, how many bottles and oz they are drinking, and what finger foods they are eating. Do you offer snacks in between bottles and meals?

Re: 10 month old feeding schedule

  • my guys are just 11 months but we have been doing the same thing for about 2 months...

    7:30am fruit cup up or yogurt w/ oatmeal or eggs or the similar and then a 6oz bottle whihc they usually only drink 4oz

    11am leftovers from dinner or something easy like grilled cheese or something similar as well as a 6oz bottle (they really drink 4oz haha)

    2pm snack formula in a sippy (6oz) and the hummus or cheerios or the like

    5pm dinner usually whatever im eating or a mild version of it. if im not in the mood to cook for me i always have some chicken frozen and veggies so i just have to heat up some for them then a 6oz bottle and again here they maybe only drink 4 oz

    8pm bedtime bottle they were taking a solid 8oz but last 2 nights they stopped at 6/7 oz

    as far as portion size fo rmy guys... DS takes after his daddy he is going to eat us out of house and home!!! when we go out to eat we literally had to order an adult meal of chicken for the LOs to split bc DS eats so much!

    Hope that helps!

  • At 10 months we were doing

    7 am oatmeal or yogurt with fruit +4 oz bottle

    10 am 8 oz bottle

    1 pm 1 oz juice+ 3 oz water in sippy with cheerios, puffs, melts, etc

    4 pm rice with veggies + 4oz bottle

    7 pm- 8 oz bottle

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  • They have been doing the same thing since about 10 months. This is what they ate yesterday:

    7am 8 oz bottle

    11 am some yogurt, fruit, cheerios and pancakes,

    12:30 8 oz bottle

    3:30  8 oz bottle

    5:00 sweet potatoes, whole peas, cheerios, applesauce

    6:15 6-8 oz bottle


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  • ours were eating 5 6oz bottles a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks.  I felt like I was always feeding them!  They were both off baby food at that point.  They eat tiny cut up chunks on everything - meat, potatoes, rice, veggies and fruit.
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