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vaccine rash?

On 9/30, Caleb got shots during his 12 month check-up.  One of these was the chicken pox vaccine (he also got flu shots and MMR).  About a week later, he had a low grade fever for a couple of days.  I was able to manage it, and he didn't seem very miserable, so I didn't make much of it.  Today, he has fine red bumps on his face and front/back torso.  He no longer has the fever, and seems no worse for the wear.  Did any of you experience this after vaccines?  I thought if he was going to have symptoms/reactions it would have been sooner (it's been 10 days).

Re: vaccine rash?

  • Sounds like Roseola except that Caleb's fever was low, when Simon got Roseola his fever was 103.9.  Did the rash appear the next day after his fever broke?
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  • Yep.  He was feverish Tuesday and yesterday, and now the rash (but no fever).  Oh, and I meant to say he got the vaccines on 9/20, not 9/30.  His fever never broke 102, it was always around 101.7 or thereabout.
  • Well I know that Roseola is 2-4 days of high fever followed by a rash on back and torso as soon as the fever breaks, with the rash lasting only a day or two, maybe he had that anyway or maybe it was some other random virus, or maybe a vaccine reaction, no clue but I'm glad his fever is gone now! 
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