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hi ladies!

baby aaron is 6 days old, just wanted to stop by and update you!

the baby is doing great. the only glitch so far is that he isn't quite a rockstar at breastfeeding yet, so we called in a lactation consultant who said that it's 100% normal for a 38-weeker to have trouble latching on, since they're a little uncoordinated and drowsy relative to 40-weekers. so we breastfeed several times a day so he can practice, and then i pump and bottle-feed him the rest to make sure he gets enough food while he gets this latching thing down.

DH and i are remarkably well-rested and non-stressed thanks to our awesome parents--my mom as well as MIL and FIL are here helping out, so we have a 5 to 1 adult to baby ratio--pretty sweet! the grandmothers take care of the baby during the night and only wake me up to nurse him every three hours. we're a little bit nervous about how we'll manage things when the grandparent help is gone in a couple of weeks, but for now we're enjoying every minute of it!

medically i'm okay. it's incredible how resilient the body is--after losing 1.8 liters of blood my body is still producing enough breastmilk for our baby boy. i was pretty weak when we left the hospital, and after i had an uncontrollable shivering fit on monday DH has been insisting that i stay in bed all day and that he bring the baby to me for nursing (not a small task--i spend a good 12 hours a day nursing, pumping, and bottle-feeding)! i'm starting to feel much better, so hopefully i'll be 100% and be able to do more mommy work in a couple of weeks. 

hope all of you ladies are doing well! i'm off to catch up on posts . . .  

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Re: hi ladies!

  • so glad to hear things are going well.  Sounds like you have a great support system. 
    Dx with PCOS and IR June 2009
    After two losses, third time was a charm.
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  • Glad things are going well! Hope you're enjoying some cuddle time :)

    My DS was sick when born and a "reluctant nurser" and the supplementary nursing system was a lifesaver for me.  I used it twice (total PITA, but only needed it twice) and he got the hang of it.

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  • Thanks for the update! That's so great that your little guy is doing so well and that you have so much support at home. Time to update your ticker to show Aaron's age now. :)
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  • sounds great Perry!!
    Dx: MFI, DOR, 9 Fibroids and homozygous MTHFR

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  • Thanks for checking in with us MOMMY! I am so glad that things are going well for you!
    TTC since 8/07 DX - Severe MFI/azoospermia & MTHFR/ TESEs found sperm - 7/08 & 6/09/ 12/08 - IVF#1 - BFN/ 6/09 - IVF #2 - cancelled due to OHSS risk (had retrieval)/ 7/09 - FET #1 - BFN/ 9/09 - FET #2 - BFN/ 11/09 - IVF #3 with new RE cancelled twice - 10/09 & 11/09/ 1/10 - IVF #3 take 3 - BFN/ 4/10 - IVF #4 - first ever BFP on 5/13/10!!! 108 @ 10dp3dt/ 2nd beta 311!/ sono on 5/28/10 said TWINS!!!! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • Glad to hear things are going well for all of you!!!!  Rest up while you have the help there! :)
    1 chemical and 1 loss at 9 weeks prior to DS
    IVF #1 1/10-transfered 2 blasts- DS born 10/2010

    Trying for # 2 since 2012.  2 failed FETS 1 failed IUI.
    IUI#2 4/14/14-- BFP !!!!! Beta #1 14dpiui= 45 Beta #2 16dpiui= 80  Beta #3 18dpiui= 88 (chemical pregnancy)
    March 2015- Chemical pg

    1/25/16- BFP  Beta1 12dpo = 17, Beta 2 14 dpo = 28.. resulted in one beautiful boy born 9/21/16 :)

    Now I'm a stay at home loving life and pursuing my love of photography!!!
  • glad to hear that everything is going well with aaron.  did you post a pic?  enjoy the help...hopefully, by the time they leave, you, dh and aaron will be in a good routine. 
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  • So glad you have so many people around for support!  Rest up, mama!
  • I am so glad things are going well Perry!
    Daycare is SO exhausting!
  • Glad things seem to be going well for your little family! 
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  • I'm so glad you have lots of help and can rest up and recover!!  Big Smile
  • So happy to hear from you and that you are all doing so well!  What a great support system you have. 
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