Pregnant after IF

So far so good!

Had my MFM appt today to check my cervical length post-cerclage.  The doctor said my cervix looks "perfect".  There appears to be a fluid cyst in my cervix, but she isn't concerned and said this happens sometimes.  No membranes are visible beyond the stitch.  Yay!  That means the babies are being held up there! 

On a funny note, as soon as the tech put the wand to my belly, Landon's pee pee was hanging out right there.  He is soooo not shy!  My little bad baby <3  Liliana was being good as usual.  Both babies are breech and their heads are together right above my belly button.  

Now we just keep up the bed rest and hope this stitch holds for a while.

Re: So far so good!

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