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register versus borrow?

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So, I guess one of the perks to being the last to get pregnant means I have a slew of friends offering me their used baby gear (some to keep and others to borrow).  I've already inherited 2 bouncer chairs, a swing, activity gym and a Graco snap n' go from my friend who had her last child 6 months ago.  My other friend wants to lend me her Beaba food-maker, another bouncer, swing, infant car seat/base and entertainer to borrow.  I checked and none of them were involved in any recalls and they are in great condition.  I figure I can at least give these to my MIL to keep at her house. 

My question is, is there a list of things that you should register for versus borrow?  I know I'm definitely buying a new breast pump.  And I shouldn't borrow any carseats, even if they haven't been involved in a car accident, right? And I'd prefer to buy a new stroller for our little guy. 

DH and I will hopefully be blessed with second child, and while I'm SO super grateful for my generous friends (who are also probably sick of looking at the stuff), I'm afraid that when it comes time for number #2 my friends will have gotten rid of some of this stuff and we will have to make new purchases. 

I'm sure I've lost you all by now Smile  Just having trouble figuring out what to register for/purchase ourselves, and what to borrow from friends!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: register versus borrow?

  • I will probably be in a similar situation and I think that any items I would want for more than one child, I would rather register for.  If there are smaller items, like activity gyms, etc that I wouldn't mind getting a new one of later, I would borrow.  I don't know what your shower situation will look like, but I have a feeling I will get most stuff from the registry at my showers (based on how big they have been for my friends and family) so I will probably see what I get and maybe borrow a few extra things after that.  It is so nice of your friends to offer though!  (and you are right they are probably tired of looking at it!)
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  • The only thing I know for sure we're borrowing is 2 extra car seat bases that are less than 1 year old and never involved in any accidents. By the time they're ready for #2, smudge will Be in the convertible anyway.
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  • I've been getting a ton of offers for stuff too, but all of my friends are done with having kids so they are giving me things rather than just lending them to me. I'm a little hesitant to accept "loaners" b/c I would feel really badly if I broke it or ruined it. Anyway, I figured having multiple bouncers, activity gyms, etc would be good b/c I can keep them on different floors of the house and not have to carry things up and down the stairs all the time. Or keep some items at my mom's house or my IL's house as well.

    I'm even getting a breast pump from my BFF. Apparently all the parts that actually touch milk are disposable so I just need to purchase the accessories. It's saving me $300 so I'm happy about that!

    The only things I'm declining are car seats (even if they haven't gotten into an accident, they apparently have expiration dates) and old crib mattresses (my sister offered me hers. My youngest nephew is 9 years old and they have been storing it in their garage since so thanks, but no thanks).

    I still registered for all these items though b/c although I'm getting all sorts of offers for donations, no one has actually given me anything yet. I'll just pull things off my registry once my friends actually get around to rummaging through their stuff and getting the items to me. I figured I can always return things off my registry that I don't end up needing.


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  • Honestly I pretty much took everything that came my way (maybe except for carseats and breastpump).

    If your friends are done having kids, they might never want this stuff back and you can keep it all.

    Also, most things like bouncers you can pick up for cheap at garage sales, etc if you don't mind used.  My town just had townwide garage sale and I picked up 2 bouncers for MIL's house for $15.

    I would say to register for whatever you haven't borrowed and see what you get.  People who want to get you a gift will get you something. No point registering for something you already have!


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  • We are taking any and everything!

    So far we have gotten cribs, activity mats, toys, medela pump ( I'll get new tubing and parts), backpack carrier, changing table, carseats (they were both new a year ago when our friends had twins, no accidents), 4 bases, BM storage bottles, pnp, excersaucer, and jumperoo.

    I can't see spending money on things that they will only use for a few months that can be borrowed. 

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  • If they're done having kids, they probably won't want it back anyway and will let you keep it.  if they're not, it's only a problem if they're pregnant at the same time as you.  I have an exersaucer that is on kid number 6 (4 different families.)  That kind of stuff I just don't care about.

    I wouldn't take a carseat from most people.  I will take one from one of my friends who I know is as uptight as I am about carseat safety.  Just check the manufacture date and make sure it's not expired (5 years)

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