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Anyone have experience with Florida Baptist Children's Homes?

Well, today I finally heard back from the adoption recruiter at the agency we were licensed through for Foster Care.  She basically told us they couldnt relicense us, because they are only licensing adoptive homes for people who are wanting to adopt older children (like over age 11) because they have an abundance in the system right now.

So, I inquired about going the foster care route again and just fostering kids and helping them, and if a child came along that was adoptable we would go from their.  Basically the scenario we had with DS. She basically shot that down too, saying that they are trying to not even license foster homes of people that they know the ultimate goal is adoption.

ANYWAYS, she told me about a few agencies in the area who do private infant adoption.  One was Catholic Charities, whom we had met with this summer to get info from.  The other was Florida Baptist Children's Homes, which I know does foster care, adoption, and domestic infant adoption.  I have not met with them about their infant adoption program, but I have left a message for their contact person.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  Mainly I am looking for wait times, price etc. 

The upside to everything is that the licensing agency I worked with before IS willing to do an adoptive homestudy for us through the local agency they use free of charge since we have worked with them before.

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