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s/o Sleep Positioners

So Lucas has an insanely strong startle reflex (can't wait until he outgrows it! When does that happen, anyway?) that wakes him up repeatedly unless he's swaddled tightly. Lately, he's  working on rolling over. Typically his arm gets in the way and he can't get all the way over on his tummy. However, when he's swaddled in his crib he's able to roll all the way over. DH found him face down and struggling the other day during a nap. Yikes. So we've been using the sleep positioners that are the two round things that snuggle up to his sides. It works ok, but we have his matress inclined for reflux, and he tends to slide down when he moves around. So last night I put the Boppy pillow around his feet and it worked like a charm. First night he slept in the crib all night (woohoo!) and he was in the same spot every time I checked on him between feedings. The issue is, now I can't sleep because there's "stuff" in his crib with him and afraid he's going to suffocate.

Advice? Ideas? I don't think I can bring myself to continue using all that stuff. I'd just die if anything happened to him!

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Re: s/o Sleep Positioners

  • In the hospital when Isaac was born they used two tightly rolled receiving blankets and sort of wedged them under both sides, so they went in farther under his arms, if that makes any sense. After our mishap with the same positioner you're using (for the same reason), we started doing the same with tightly rolled cloth diapers. Of course, he can't roll over yet.

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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  • DD#1 had a crazy startle reflex too and had to be swaddled.  I never had any problems with her rolling over, but she slept in her swing.  Once she could easily roll over on her own (around 6 months) I managed to stop the swaddling and swing sleeping, because she became a stomach sleeper.  So maybe he could sleep in a swing or car seat where he couldn't roll over but still be inclined?  Or maybe he is ready to sleep unswaddled?  

    Good luck.  I hate sleep stuff. 

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  • Oh and during out most recent hospital visit they also made him a block at his feet with blankets, only one morning I found him struggling having knocked it loose and slid down, with his swaddle pushed up around his face. I was horrified, but the nurse laughed when I told her. Not confidence inspiring, but I guess more evidence that they're resilient.

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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  • This morning on the today show or some local news I can't remember, they had a warning about using the sleep positioners because apparently a dozen or so babies had in fact half rolled over and suffocated from the sides of the positioners!

    I think the idea of using rolled up swaddle blankets to tuck him tightly is a better idea (and the Bobby pillow thing sounds good because it is lower and around his feet).

    We need an alarm or something that goes off when the baby tries to roll over...


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