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Baby Boy Bedding

This is my first time posting on here and I'm looking for some help.  I am having a hard time finding bedding that I like.  Wondering if there are any places I haven't thought to look?  Have done the obvious; Target, Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids.  I see tons of cute stuff for girls but not as much for baby boys.

Any suggestions?


Re: Baby Boy Bedding

  • The boy bedding we used was Carter's brand, but I dont know if they have bedding in the stores or not. 

    For dd I couldnt find anything either, so I ordered some fabric off etsy and re-covered an older bumper and made a matching blanket. It was really quick and easy, and I love it!!

    image image

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  • The internet.  Amazon, Overstock, this site is more modern styles.  Overall, boys get shafted on this sort of stuff. 
  • We did ebay and CL, and it worked out great. I noticed Zulilly sometimes has sales on bedding. 

    This one is a bit high end and out of my price range, but might be something different...

    I also use google image to look at bedding in particular styles...say if you're looking for blue and green bedding, then I'd Google Image 'blue and green nursery bedding' or something like that.

    Etsy also has bedding. HTH!

    ETA: Glenna Jean has some amazing stuff too. Too pricey for me, but it's great for inspiration...

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  • I really liked Restoration Hardware for boys bedding. 
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  • I had the same dillema - but found a really cute Dwell Studio set that is a few years old in a nice design on Craigslist. It is called something "branch" - I was ready to just look online cause there wasn't much for boys in the stores.
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