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Gluten... For what it's worth

Last year, my husband and I were TTC with no luck. The OB said that everything checked out and that it may be taking longer because my eggs are old. I was so upset, frustrated, and disappointed.

I decided to cut out grains because I thought they may be making me hold onto a few stubborn pounds that I wanted to lose... and the next month I got a BFP.

Only later did I hear Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about how cutting out gluten helped her to conceive, and have been wondering if there was a connection for me too. I did some Googling and saw some more articles about it.

So, anyway, I thought that maybe this will help someone else out and am passing it on. Cutting out gluten, or cutting back, may help someone else out too.  




Re: Gluten... For what it's worth

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    wow.  cool.  I have endometriosis and I heard that cutting it out helps that.  and since helping endo helps TTC it certainly makes sense.  I cut it out but only about a month ago.  I sure hope your right!!



    About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC #1 since May 2010, married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug.2010 Sept 2010 IUI #1=BFN, Oct=cyst/bfn, Nov 2010 IUI #2 = bfn. Had to postpone IUI #3 b/c of a cyst natural=BFN. Skipped IUI #3, decided to go for IVF. Found/removed uterine polyps Jan 2011. IVF cancelled, no follicles. IVF #2: 3 great embies put in on Easter Sunday = BFN. Hoping for another chance at IVF in July. TTC is NOT for wimps.
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    That's cool. I actually just started a certified nutritionist program so learning about this kind of stuff is right up my alley. I'll post more info if/when I find it. Thanks for the tip!

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    this is some great information to have thank you.Yes
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