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Baby shoes

Where do you buy these? I can count the number of times on my hand that Gracie wore shoes. So I am shoeless :-)

Any recs?



Re: Baby shoes

  • they recommend soft sole shoes like Robees for babies learning to walk.  I have a couple pairs and love them.  I also bought a pair of cute sneakers and squeakers for him though lol.  Target seems to carry a few tiny sizes :)
  • Her favorite seem to be the Pedipeds. I got them at BuyBuybaby for $30. She runs wearing these & rarely ever falls. When she wears her sandals she rips sometimes...they are more of a thicker rubber sole whereas the pediped are soft sole. Plus they have super cute styles. I need to get her the next size...4.
  • We had Robees before he could walk and went to Stride Rite once he was walking. We also have some Chucks and Havainas, but he hasn't worn them yet.
  • I have to start looking into this too. I've checked out the Pediped website and like what I see there.

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  • I really like Pedipeds and See Kai Run.  Pedipeds are good for beginning walkers, and once she had walking really down, I added in shoes with firmer soles, such as the See Kai Runs, Converse, and Stride Rite.

    ETA:  I buy them at a local children's store, Bergstrom's or at Nordstrom, or online.

  • I have gotten the Robeez at a local shoe store (actually the shoe store where both Jarbatz and I got some of our very first shoes) and some look-alikes at garage sales.  The store I go to is an independent and the help is AMAZING!  And they have several good kids brands, remember us, etc.  While I'd buy shoes for myself online, I'm leery of doing that for DD since who knows how they'll fit.

    I got these for Finny and they rock. I love them. He measured a 5.5 wide and they fit him great. He is a new walker and they work great and are so flexible. I like them better than everything I had for Noah and he had pedipeds and robeez flex and all sorts of nice shoes.

    cute girl version


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