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Low- or Carb-free Lunch and snack ideas?

Yikes!  My MIL comes today and I just learned she is eating mostly no carbs on her dr's advice and is losing a lot of weight. (Yay!)  She is coming to "help" with the new baby - which means hold him while I prepare meals and wait on her.

I think we have dinners figured out (grilled meats/fish and veggies).

I am stuck for lunch and snack ideas.  Any ideas?  I gotta get to the store! 

Thanks! =)

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Re: Low- or Carb-free Lunch and snack ideas?

  • cheese, nuts, pickles, peanut butter, turkey & cheese roll-ups, etc.

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  • My sister is on a low-carb diet and she makes lettuce wrap sandwiches. (Lunchmeat wrapped in lettuce instead of bread). Green salads with lots of veggies, yogurt, cheese, beans (a bowl of seasoned pinto beans is delicious), hard boiled eggs....

    That's all I can think of!

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  • I'm trying to cut back on carbs myself.  Specifically for snacks.  For snacks, I now eat salad, cottage cheese & peaches, carrots and low fat dip, and mozzarella cheese, tomato and balasmic vinegar (capresse salad).
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  • Check out phase 1 on the SB food list HERE. When I lost all my baby weight from Keira I did SB. For lunch every day I had a huge salad with black beans, shredded Mexican seasoned chicken,  fat free cheese and bell pepper. I would sometimes add avocado and anything else that "fit". For dressing I did red wine vinegar and sometimes some EVOO or balsamic vinegar.

    Snacks--mozz.string cheese, hummus with raw veggies, lettuce wraps, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, celery and peanut butter, etc. 


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  • Thanks, ladies! Off to the airport then grocery. I now have a solid list - thanks!
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