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I didn't know they had a m/c.  I can't imagine going through all this with the cameras on you.  I am happy that they have the courage to do this though because it brings attention to IF and m/c. 

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Re: Have we discussed this (re Bill and Giuliana)

  • I didn't know about this.  But, I am thankful that she is strong enough to allow the raw emotions of her experience to be filmed and aired.

    I know I wouldn't be strong enough to do that.

    How heartbreaking for them.  I wonder if they will cycle again.


  • I don't follow their show but someone mentioned on IF that they were undergoing treatments.  So sorry to hear that they had a loss but I'm proud that they were brave enough to have the highs and lows of IF and M/C filmed.
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  • Aw, I've been wondering about them...this news makes me sad :(  I can't even imagine how this season will be with the cameras on for everything from the happy bfp to the m/c...not sure if I'll be able to watch because of the emotions it'll bring up for me.  I hope they cycle again and have better luck.
  • Wow... so that explains why there was all this talk on the message board about possibly seeing a bump and how her face looked fuller and then radio silence about it. How sad! I really admire her strength at being so candid.
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  • I just saw this on IF, how sad:< They are so stong and brave to be so open. I had high hopes for their IVF cycle. This season will be tough.
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    Not sure what to do now. Sad and lost.
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  • It will be hard to watch. They said they will show everything from the positive test to the m/c. 

    I hope they cycle again.

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  • My heart is broken for them.  They are doing so much for us by raising IF awareness and I really wanted them to be successful.  I hope she finds the strength to do IVF again.  

    They truly are an amazing couple and It will be very difficult for me to watch these episodes.  I intend to support her in any way I can though (by watching)


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  • Just thinking about watching this season is making me tear up.  I love Bill and Giuliana.  I have been watching her on the new show on E! with Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne.  I thougth she looked like she may have gained the 5-10 the dr recommended.
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  • DH and I watch the show and were so sad to hear this news. I feel so badly for them. I cannot believe how brave they are to show their journey on TV. More celebrities should be like them.
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  • This is so incredibly sad. I started watching this show hoping they would get PG easily.  Not sure I can watch the m/c episode.  I have been watching her on Twitter trying to look for any signs of her being pregnant in her posts.  I'm a bit obsessed.

     I wish celebs would share a little more about struggles with IF so we don't feel so alone.

  • I just read this today! It broke my heart!
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