29wk ob appt and evening trip to ER

What a day! At 10:45am we had our appt with the OB where everything looked great! Boys were moving a little but totally cooperative for the u/s and I'm up to 18-20lbs weight gain (and it all seems to be in the belly), awesome BP and everything is locked up tight. We run throught he usual what to watch out for and we go home.

Tuesday I spent most of the day cleaning out the soon to be nursery as well as wednesday after the appt. The kicker is that my mom was coming to "help" wednesday. And after the mental stress of that and the physical stress of cleaning I ended up giving myself 8 BH in an hour(the 1st 5 in 40min). I called our ob and he tells us to "come on in".

We got to the ER and they sent me to ante-partum and got us all hooked up. The boys being strapped in like that and kept running away from the monitors. But after a nice shot of Brethine and an FFN and Group B Strep (all negative) everything was still locked up tight and the BH stopped. The jitters from the Brethine was such a strange you're hungry but not.

So the ob and nurses told me no more heavy cleaning and super light duty only. No pelvic rest but I do need to put my feet up or lay down every chance I get. I can still work but we'll have to figure that out with my boss/mom.

If I had to go to the ER I'm so glad it was only for 2.5hrs.

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Re: 29wk ob appt and evening trip to ER

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