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Costume question

Since I was born on 10/30 my DH is having a Halloween party to celebrate my birthday. We went to Party City and he picked out a big purple sombrero like "Pimp" hat and and a sequin (supposed to be Pimp shirt). HE plans on wearing slim fitting black pants. Recently we decided to allow the parents to bring their kids. We have a 10 month old and the oldest will be 9 at the party. Do you think his costume is wrong  .... I was going to have him change. 

Re: Costume question

  • Just because it "looks" like a pimp hat, that doesn't necessarily mean he has to be a pimp.    He can be a clown or something.  Pimps are clowns anyway, right?

    But honestly, who would want to dress like a pimp in the first place?  Seems kind of an odd choice.

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  • Ok so he wants to be a pimp...does he want you to be his....? LOL Sorry i had to ask. You can always tell the kids he's a Dr. Suess character. Or give him a musical instrument like a banjo, a long black mustache & he can be the guy who greets cruise ships in Cabo San Lucas.
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