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XP (from IF): Question for FETers

How long did your FET cycle take before transfer? What was involved?



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Re: XP (from IF): Question for FETers

  • It's just been so long since my FET's it's hard to remember exactly, but one was timed out very similar to an IVF cycle and the other was a "natural" FET that only took a few weeks but felt like forever since I had to go the RE everyday to have my urine tested for ovulation.

    You'll probably find more comprehensive answers from ladies who's cycles are more recent but I am very happy to see you thinking of next steps.  I know each cycle that doesn't work is such a huge hit but hang in there, your BFsP is coming soon.  

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  • It was a long time because I was on Lupron Depot for 3 months before hand.  So maybe a month before the transfer I was on BCP, then I did the transfer around CD24 of the next month (was supposed to be earlier but my lining wasn't cooperating.)
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  • I did BCP for a month and a Lupron Depot injection.  On CD 3 I started Estrodiol (3X a day) and an Estrogen patch (changed 2X a week).  My transfer was around CD 20.  Five days prior to the transfer I started PIO and continued with the same estrogen routine.

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  • I was supposed to be on BCP's for a  month, but I didn't go on them.  So, afte AF it was 5 weeks until cd1 then I took estradiol for 3 weeks (I think) and then transfer.  SO MUCH easier. 

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  • Didn't do FET, but wanted to say I'm so sorry about your BFN hun :(
  • Mine was super easy.  Started AF on 8/31.  They had me start estradiol and then the had me come in for day 3 bloodwork and called me and made 9/3 my CD1 (don't know why).  Went in for b/w twice after that and then once for b/w and an ultrasound to check my lining 5 days before transfer.  That night I started PIO and transfer on 9/21 which was CD19.  I am still on estradiol and PIO.  We put back two 6 celled Grade A embryos and beta is on Monday (though I have been getting BFP's on HPT since 7dp3dt). GL!  I found it super easy and liked not having my body souped up on so many hormones.  But all clinics are different. 
  • 10 to 30 days of BCP.  Overlap with Lupron.  Lupron only.  Add estrogen of some kind.  Estrogen for 10 to 14 days.  Start PIO.  Transfer 5 days into PIO. 

    It is  also possible to do a "natural" FET where there is no  BCP or Lupron and just E2 and P4 are used.

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