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How long should I wait?

Okay, I'm probably just being an overly anxious first time preggo. With my insurance (Tricare for the military) I had to get a referral to see an OB from my PCM. I went Tuesday and the nurse told me it would be a few days until I heard something. I asked from who, them or the OB office. She just kind of restated, "you'll hear something about the referral in a few days." Okay, not too helpful, but thanks. So my question is, should I wait until Monday (or when do you think?) and if I still haven't heard something call? Who do I call my PCM's office or the OB I'll be using?

Like I said, I know its all just because I'm anxious and everything, but seriously, I want to at least have an appointment to look forward to! Right now I have notta! lol 

Re: How long should I wait?

  • That stinks. Why couldn't she give you a more specific answer? I would call, too. If you wait until Monday I will be impressed. I would call tomorrow. I hope you hear back soon!
  • I would call both offices. Somebody has to know more than that nurse you dealt with. If no luck, then call the insurance company. Is this going to happen everytime you want to schedule an appointment or is it a one time deal?
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  • you'll probably hear from the OB office that Tricare referred you to before you'll hear from Triace. Whenever I've had referrals, I get a call from the doctor within a few days, then later get a letter from Tricare saying my request for a referral was approved and I should be getting contacted by someone with Dr. XYZ. It does take a few business days though.
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