alright, gonna need more bedrest tv ideas...

tried nip tuck and dexter and i just cant do it.  for some reason since ive been pg that type of stuff almost makes me sick to my stomach...and it puts me in a funky mood.  i think id rather laugh.
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Re: alright, gonna need more bedrest tv ideas...

  • Lost from beginning to end

    Sex in the City from beginning to end

    Friends from beginning to end

    The Office

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  • imageIAM4UK:

    Lost from beginning to end

    Sex in the City from beginning to end

    Friends from beginning to end

    The Office and the city may help the mans cause a little too...with those you know what scenes,,,

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  • i am a reality show junkie... i love mindless TV - since my mind doesn't work good these days - i don't want to have to use it when i'm relaxing watching TV :)

    kardashians... that kind of crap :)

    Curb Your Enthusiasm  = dh and I both love... but it's not for everyone. We find it very funny.

    do you have Tivo/DVR?  are there any shows you like that are on late that you don't usually stay up to see?  ie- i love Conan and can't wait until he's back on in November- but will probably miss it most of the time... I'd DVR that :)


  • when i was on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy last year, HBO did me the pleasure of showing every episode of Entourage.  It was mindless fun!


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  • Reba

    How I Met Your Mother


    Will & Grace

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  • i really like The Tudors.  First two seasons are available to watch now through NetFlix.
  • While I was in the hospital on bedrest I watched Weeds on Netflix streaming.


    Also West Wing from beginning to end. Both good shows.  

  • I like the old teen dramas - Dawson's Creek, Felicity, & Party of Five

    Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory are hilarious

    Lost, House, Grey's Anatomy

  • perfect...why couldnt i think of all these?!?  thanks!!!!
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  • I second Big Bang Theory. Rules of Engagement is pretty funny too. I also watch trash like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom ... that's tough to admit publicly.
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  • I love the idea of starting seasons over.  I have all of:

    Sex and the City



    Grey's Anatomy


    The O.C


    They are all dramatic, light on the stomach and fun shows to watch from the beginning.  Definitely worth the money since I've watched them plenty of times! :)  

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  • Parenthood - fairly new show and pretty funny

    Modern Family - also fairly new and super funny!

    Lost is a great show, we watched the first 2 seasons on DVD and then followed the show after that.  Getting shows on DVD sounds like a great idea.  So fun when you don't have to WAIT to see the next episode!

    LOL I watch Jersey Shore and Teen Mom too!


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  • I vote for Friends!  Army Wives- might make you cry too much though.

    Burn Notice, Ally McBeal, Will and Grace, NCIS, Brothers and Sisters.


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  • Desperate Housewives

    King of Queens is hilarious if you get into it.

    Friends from season 1 on


    Ella- 8/22/08, Jules and Tuck- 12/15/10
  • What about Food Network shows or HGTV shows?  I love House Hunters International.  Here there's an episode every night at 10pm that I record.
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  •  Bones! We just watched the 1st 4seasons and now just waiting for the 5th to come out. Everyone else already said the other awesome shows :-)

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  • I did Friends from start to finish (well..almost!), and I also watched the first 3 seasons of Mad Men. 

    Also, I read a lot of pregnancy books, and twin books, but never thought to read any Baby Books! Duh.  Wished I had read a bit more to understand some baby basics.

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  • I love love love Six Feet Under.

    Big Love is great too.

    I enjoyed The L Word but it's sexually if that bothers you, it's not a good fit.

    Other series I enjoyed were Gilmore Girls, Northern Exposure, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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  • I highly recommend How I Met Your Mother (beginning to end).  It is a great series and is absolutely hysterical.
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  • The Gilmore Girls is a favorite of mine to rewatch on DVD.  Get the first season of Glee if you haven't seen it yet!
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  • Vampire diaries on tonight actually



    Flipping out

    America's next top model

    LA Ink

    Ugh..i watch too much crappy tv lol...but i enjoy these shows. Sorry you are on bedrest :(

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