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i eat like a 5 year old

tonight, hamburger helper.  i haven't had this since i was a kid.  i seem to be craving all the kiddie foods...what's up with that?
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Re: i eat like a 5 year old

  • Haha, that's how I am in my first tri.  I'm all about Chef Boyardee, Totino's pizza, and alphabet soup.  Not sure about it in the third tri, though!  ;)
  • Sounds tasty to me!
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  • ME TOO! It's so weird. I've been eating canned ravioli for lunch...I haven't bought that since we had it at my moms house for a quick meal when I was little!
  • me too! I love mac and cheese now which I never ate before.

    tonight I did a healthy version of a kid meal- home made panko breaded chicken nuggets baked in the oven on a salad. this is one of the first healthy-ish things I've eaten in weeks. 

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  • OMG I know! Yesterday I HAD to have hot dogs for lunch. No clue where the craving came from, but they tasted soooo good!
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  • Enjoy it while you can!  I'm totally missing my chicken nuggets and PB&J days...
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  • yesterday I ordered the kids pb&j sandwich from panera that came with kiddie yogurt.  It was awesome.
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  • Ha, me too!  Mac & cheese and PB&J have been my go-to meals lately.
  • Mac and chesse make me happy.  the other day I had meatloaf, mac and cheese and peas for dinner.  After the hamburger helper  comment - I think that's what I'm going to have to have. 

    How about a banana split for dessert?

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