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Repost from TTTC...Questions

I was Diagnosed with MTHFR and antiphospholipid antibodies.

The reason I was tested is because I had a 2nd trimester loss. The RE states that it is rare and since he was chromosomally normal, he knew there was probally something else going on.

He said that since I carried the baby past the second tri that I could start Heparin/Lovenox when I get my positive HPT.

The plan is to start Femara, then stim and probally do and IUI. He believe's that he make me ovulate, but I am just unsure about everything.

 He is going to but me on Folgard and I will take the ASA. He acted like the antiphospholipid antibodies were the main problem and the MTHFR was a secondary problem, did not put much interest into it other than starting folic acid.

I really dont know what question's. Just kind wanted to know people's experiences and see if anyone else has had a successful pregnancy?

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Re: Repost from TTTC...Questions

  • I don't have any personal experience with what you're asking about since our issue was very different, but I wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best. Good luck!
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