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The wierdest thing happened to me today...

I was at Staples and I know one of the girls that works there.  I probably run into her 4 or 5 times a year.  She came right up to me and asked me when I was due.  I obviously said I wasn't pregnant, but she insisted that I am.  She said that both her and her mom have a sense for these things and that I had "the glow" and a look in my eyes. 

She has never said this to me before.  I'm not bloated or anything so I think she really "knows".  She said that in a month I will be calling her and telling her I'm pregnant.

DH was with me and he's majorly freaked out!  I guess it's getting more real now!  Maybe I should ask her what the sex is!!!

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Re: The wierdest thing happened to me today...

  • totally ask her what the sex is.  I love those kinds of people.
  • wow! I think that's really cool!

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  • That happened to me at work yesterday. My recepionist gave me a big hug and said "congratulations". I was like what are you talking about? She said I could lie to her and she will keep my secret but she said she knows I am pregnant because of my glow! I just told her she just never noticed how beautiful I am! LOL! She said and a mother and grandmother she knows! WEIRD
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  • Wow!!!  How creepy and cool!!!
  • My period was due the day of my best friends wedding.  I didn't even take a test until a few days after because I've been late before.  I told my best friend of course, and she ended up saying her mom had asked if I was.  She said she noticed I didn't drink much and that I just looked like I could be.  There must be something others notice.
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