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Dentist question and brushing teeth problems

I am scheduled to go to the dentist this weekend - obviously I will not be having any xrays. But is just getting my teeth cleaned and manually checked for cavities okay? Sounds like a stupid question now that I typed it out..its probably okay.

Secondly, I am 23w5d. I did not have morning sickness but I AM having trouble brushing my teeth. I dry heave (or throw up if I drank or ate anything) while I am brushing my teeth every single day. The sink is a bloody mess and I am scared that I am ruining my teeth by not brushing them correctly anymore. No matter how I try to calm myself down, I gag and gag. Nothing works. I swear I close my eyes and picture that I am front row at a Dave Matthews concert and he is singing directly to me and I still throw up. I think about the babies that I am probably driving insane down there but I cannot stop gagging to brush my teeth longer than one minute. I am so scared I am going to be doing some real damage to my teeth! 

Anyone experiencing the same or shall I add this to the list of reasons why I am insane? 

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Re: Dentist question and brushing teeth problems

  • I think dentists expect this.  Just make sure you are flossing and use mouthwash if you can tolerate it.  I don't think you are doing serious damage.  You are not alone.
  • Ditto the pp.  I had my teeth cleaned when I was about 9 weeks and my dentist told me to expect a blood bath in the sink while brushing my teeth and not to be too freaked out about it.  He also suggested doing the best I could with brushing, chewing sugar free gum and using mouth wash, etc, anything that could assist in keeping my teeth clean.  He told me not to worry - plenty of other women deal with this and their teeth don't fall out!

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  • 1) Definitely go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Just tell them that you are pregnant.

    2) I still throw up every morning when I brush my teeth. Up until about a week and a half ago I was throwing up every night too, but I have started flossing every night and then just doing a quick brush at night. This helps me not to throw up my dinner. In the morning I just drink a glass of water before I brush. I found it's actually easier for me to throw up the water than to dry heave etc. After I brush my teeth I eat breakfast. Sometimes I use alcohol free mouthwash after breakfast. (My OB said it was totally fine.) It really sucks not to be able to get a good teeth brushing! 

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  • I'm sorry it's so hard for you to brush.  It was the same for me until closer to third tri. You should definitely go to the dentist though.  My dentist said some insurance companies will even pay for an extra cleaning during pregnancy (mine didn't) since teeth and gum issues have been linked to premature births.  I went early on and later.   I think I was like 6 weeks and 31 weeks when I went.
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  • I definitely find that drinking something before makes the throwing up easier. But lately I have been brushing my teeth before I get in the shower, because if I brush my teeth before I leave the house, after all the gagging I have tears running down my face and my makeup is totally messed up. I am such a hot mess.

    I tried mouth wash today but I totally skeeved it and gagged it out immediately. Thankfully flossing works at least. 

    I know the dentist will (hopefully) understand but there is also a reason why we are supposed to brush our teeth - how can just not doing it be okay!? :-(

    Glad to hear that I am not alone though. Thanks ladies!

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  • I had this problem for the entire 2nd tri in my first pregnancy.  And the heaving would go on and on and on......  I still managed to get through my tooth brushing, but it was definitely not as thorough as usual -- especially the back teeth.  I had it again this pregnancy but only for a few weeks.  You (and your teeth) will be okay!  :)
  • Is it the brushing itself that bothers you?  I've heard some people are helped by getting different flavored toothpaste (the kiddie ones are fruity, or even just switching to cinnamon.)
  • seeing a dentist is not only okay, but actually recommended! a lot of pregnant women suffer from pregnancy-induced gingivitis and worst case (although rare) scenario, you get such a bad infection it could cause a premature birth.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with dry heaves and throwing up during brushing. ugh, that must be awful. :-(

    I haven't had this problem, but would it help if you used an electric toothbrush? (totally reaching here...) I find that the brushing motion is much gentler and maybe it'll be less nausea-inducing? Or is it just the motion of having your mouth open that makes you nauseous?

    Anyway, I'm sure your dentist will be able to give you some good suggestions! Maybe a quick brush but a more thorough flossing and a mouth wash rinse would be enough to stave off cavities and gum disease?

    GL, sweetie!!

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  • I have been having the same issues. I actually find if I brush right after dinner that it goes much better. I still then eat a little and have been drinking ginger ale, but I do try again before bed.

    I agree with the electric toothbrush. I have a Sonicare, which I LOVE! And it is so much better than last time with a manual one.

    I do mouthwash, but have issues with that too, but you still have to try and I am sure every little bit helps.

    I just looked into my company's program and I get a 3rd paid teeth cleaning. I am super excited about it. I go next in December, but may try to get in maybe late October, as my appt is late Dec. Or save it for Feb. Not sure, but I am having more issue now.

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  • I had my first dentist appt since being pg a couple weeks ago. I was incredibly nervous since there are some nights I can barely do a swish of the toothbrush before I'm gagging and dry heaving. I called the office and warned them about this before my appointment and my hygenist was amazing. Always asking if I was okay or needed a break.

    I haven't had any problems with any bleeding or sensitive gums at home but apparently my gums were bleeding like crazy during my cleaning. Because of this my dentist recommended coming in every 3-4 months until after the baby is born to make sure that nothing gets out of control during the pregnancy. Apparently this is very common.

    Yeah (sarcasm) I love having to see my dentist 3 times in one year!

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