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My mom recently came across a couple of boxes of dolls and toys from when I was a kid.  I had almost 10 Cabbage Patch kids, a Koosa, and a Pound Puppy among others. Oh the memories!!!

----> Did you know CPK dolls are almost 30 YEARS OLD????  *shaking head*  Talk about making me feel so effing old!  :P

On a brighter note, CPK's fit into most preemie clothes and some of the smaller NB sized baby clothes!!  Why spend $15 on brand name CPK outfits with limited selection at the store, when you can just use/buy baby clothes?  haha  Payton now has 3 CPKs of mine and is loving them.  :)

Re: CPK dolls

  • Awesome! Ella has one of my CPK's as well. I wish I still had all the accessories.
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  • Wait...whaaa?!  30 years old?! No, no that can't be, there's no way I'm that old.

    I still have my CPK dolls too.  But since they're only a couple years old, they practically look new. Wink I loved mine!


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  • I still have mine, too! Her name is Christa, and she had a rockin white and green romper. ;)
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  • I had one of the first ones - back when parents were spending hundreds of dollars on them, I know I got mine right after the christmas rush for 475 (for Easter)

    She has red hair and green eyes, her name is Ina.  And we put baby clothes on her all the time!

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  • I have 2 and they're in my parents' attic.  I'd like to give them to my kids to play with, some time.  I had a girl named Cassandra and a boy named Toby Reuben.

    I had a Pound Puppy, too.  I'm sure he's in the attic with all the other toys and dolls my mom saved.  She's pulled out all the old Fisher Price play houses and people and my nephews play with them when visiting her house. :-)

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  • Meet Nelson Frederick...my childhood CPK and now Grady's Smile


  • Here's how to feel really old... I never had a Cabbage Patch doll b/c I was too old for them when they came out!
  • Julia loves my 2 CPK dolls. I didn't know about the preemie sized clothes though. I'll have to see about getting some since mine have only 1 outfit each (the horror!)
  • I didn't know about the preemie size clothes either!  I did save a bunch of her newborn outfits to see if they wouldn't fit her dolls.

    Madelyn now has 3 CPKs!  My two (a preemie and a normal one, but sheesh, I didn't save the paperwork and don't remember their names) and one of her own that she picked out :)

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