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sooooo nervous

I know it's safe, but I was prescribed amoxicillian today for bronchitis.  I feel like crap.  I have a fever, swollen glands, ear ache, no voice and a cough that feels like someone is stabbing me in the chest with a knife.  I know some antibiotics are safe to take while pregnant but still nervous. I have trying to see if I can just get better but I am just getting worse. It was time to go to the dr.  ugh...

Re: sooooo nervous

  • I thought I had strep throat, so I was prepared for the same thing today. My GP took a sample and told me I was strep negative, so just salt water gargle and lots of fluids for me.

    Before I went, I researched as much as possible. As far as I could tell, a fever and infection is more dangerous than the antibiotics. The fever could cause miscarriage, while LOTS of antibiotics could cause antibiotic resistance in the baby. I think it's better to err on the side of avoiding a miscarriage.  But that's according to my full two-week experience being pregnant...

     The docs know what they are doing. Trust them. (usually)


  • I agree that the fever and infection is likely much more dangerous than the amoxicillin. It's a very old, well studied drug.
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