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needing tips on how to keep cost of lawyer down

Hi Ladies,

I official have a lawyer representing me and while its a huge relief, I'm scare of the final cost! Unfortunately, he was unable to do a fixed rate as my divorce is going to be complicated and he would be surprised if my husband actually cooperates. My retainer is $3,000 and its doable. I really like this lawyer and feel that he will do a great job. My husband is a big controlling bully and chauvanist so having a slightly older well established male lawyer may help in the communications department.

Anyway-- I am after some tips on how to maximize the time I spend with my lawyer and ways I can make this as efficient and cost effective as possible.

I read somewhere that lawyers will charge for photocopying etc so I just brought him copies of what he requested rather than emailing them to him to print out.

I'm on the rocky road to getting a divorce and it freaks the hell out of me even though I know that this is what I need and want!

Thank you!

Re: needing tips on how to keep cost of lawyer down

  • Well, I am probably not the best person to give advice since my bill is already well over $8K.  But I have noticed that they will offer to do some things for you, but you can save money by doing it yourself. 

    Example: I needed a cert. copy of my divorce paperwork.  All I had to do was go down to the courthouse to get it.  They offered to do it but I did it myself.

    Also-I have had to do a lot of research to get information about my XH's criminal history/recent activity. It's all public knowledge so I get it myself from the courthouse. 

    Anything you can take on yourself makes a difference.  And don't talk on the phone to them, they will keep you on the phone, telling jokes, or whatever (basically they are in no hurry to get off since they're on the clock). 

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  • Wow!! I think we were married to the same guy. He had the nerve to go into the lawyer's office and say he didn't want to pay CS. Granted he wanted to take care of DD but wanted me to list out my spending and he would pay half. F that!! Beacuse he is controlling and a bully I have just gone over my retainer and am trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for the rest. I'm just glad we are almost done.

    I email my lawyer it's a lot quicker. That's my only tip. I hope others post, I need advice on this as well. Good Luck!

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