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speaking of lemonade... recipe

family recipe

6 lemons, 5lbs sugar, 1oz tartaric acid, 2 oz citric acid, 3pints water

grate the rinds off 4 lemons, juice all 6.  Boil water, stir acids, peels and sugar into boiling water.  allow to cool, strain out peel and add juice.

this is concentrated and can is diluted by about 4 parts water to 1 part juice or to taste before drinking.  I also use organic lemons because the peel is used.  The acids are usually available at the drugstore behind the counter, if you can't find them it's not a big deal, they just add to the tartness.

I make a batch every summer, and it is the best.  I love it mixed with soda water.

*edit*  I like it diluted about 6water to 1 juice, but my brothers like it stronger
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