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Best Wishes, ECUPirate!

I mean, if anything exciting might be happening tomorrow or something. Big Smile

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Re: Best Wishes, ECUPirate!

  • Yes, good luck tomorrow! <3
  • Yay - good luck tomorrow! 
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  • Very excited for you!  Lots of luck!!!
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  • Whoo hoo!!!!  :)  Yes
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  • So exciting!  I wish you all the best!!! 
    "Christmas 2011"

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  • Yay!  Good luck tomorrow!  :)

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  • I am so excited for you guys.  Sending tons of luck to you!
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    Our baby girl is here!
  • whoo-hoo!
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  • Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!!
  • I'm beyond excited and thrilled and all of that good stuff for you!  Best wishes, and I cannot wait to hear the fantastic news!!! :)
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    Our Thanksgiving Day baby 11/22/07


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    Our early Christmas present 12/9/10
  • So excited for you, will be thinking of you tomorrow & sending good thoughts.
  • Awwww thanks ladies!  Now I'm crying AGAIN :)  This is the first time I have checked in today and we really appreciated it.

    I'll pop in and update tomorrow as soon as I can.  Hopefully I'll at least wait until the drugs wear off though because last time I felt great and didn't realize I was actually drunk :)

    Thanks again for all of your support!

  • Whoo hoo!  GL and post pics when you can!!!!!

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  • good luck tommorrow!! cant wait to see pictures and hear about your lil one!!
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