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Stever...(reply to your weaning post)

I haven't been on TB in a while and just saw your post.  Nothing but sympathy cause I'm going through the exact same thing.  We're down to twice a day nursing (5 a.m. and 7 p.m.) and occasionally he still tries to nurse during the day, especially when he's sick or teething, but I absolutely won't give in because he has to be weaned so I can get my mammogram.  I've found that distraction works the best.  I know your mobility is limited but try to get outside during the daytime or have friends or a babysitter come take him out in the stroller or to the park.  Don't sit with him in the chair where you nurse, and wear two bras and tuck your shirts in.  When you're home with him can you wear him on your back in an Ergo rather than carrying him so he's not near your boobs?  And like pp said, offering him a yummy snack rather than a sippy cup works best, Simon loves strawberry mum mums so I give him that when he tries to nurse and it works.  I'm getting ready to drop the bedtime nursing and my plan is to fill him up at dinnertime and make sure he eats lots of yogurt  and drinks lots of water/juice (since he doesn't drink milk) then have DH put him to bed.  Anyway I know exactly what you're going through and it's no fun denying our LO something that's always been comforting to them but you just have to remind yourself that he's had a year longer than a lot of babies and now it's time to take back your boobs.  It takes a lot out of us to be a milk production factory and I'm sure we will have lots more energy once our LOs are weaned.  Hang in there and stay strong, you can do it! Yes

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Re: Stever...(reply to your weaning post)

  • Thank youBig Smile

    And yeah, we get out almost everyday. We haven't NIP'd in months so he's good about not wanting to, and I am constantly feeding him solids, water from the sippy and whole milk from the sippy when we're home, but sometimes he just really wants to nurse. I guess I'm just going to have to work harder at deflecting.

  • Sorry I am butting in.. but I am in the same position as you guys.  We are down to 2 times a day (morning & night) & this is one of the hardest things I have ever done!  He has been doing outstanding during the day.. but he is easily distracted.  I have been giving him a sippy cup of milk while we are getting ready for bed, I think the morning time will be the hardest for us.. but plan on waiting a week or two before I remove the next session. 

    So I am looking forward to hearing your success stories or any advice you guys have too!

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  • Yeah dropping that morning nursing scares me too, that's when he eats the most.  The evening feed won't be hard to drop since DH has put him to bed a few times before without me feeding him.  At least you both can give your LOs milk in a sippy cup to replace your morning and night nursings.  I have to give S some yogurt or cottage cheese and I'm not sure I'll be going to all that trouble at 5 a.m., I may just let him CIO until his normal 7 a.m. wakeup time.  Or just keep picking up the pacifiers that he keeps throwing out of his crib and giving them back to him until he gets the message...UGH, not looking forward to that!
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