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Back from fetal echo

All is fine with the babies...thank God.

So I get there and the tech is setting up and she said okay you are having a fetal echo because you have gestational diabetes? I said um no, I passed my sugar test twice and it was not borderline, but very low.  She insisted her notes said it was because I had GD. Long story short, the peri came in and out, called over to my ob's office and it turns out that my peri (she was not there today but at the hospital) ordered the fetal echo just as an extra precaution. Although everything was fine, she wanted more clear pictures. Hence the me being overweight reason I guess.

The babies were extremely uncooperative, especially the girl. I had to move back and forth from my side to my back. Both of them had their hands and/or legs right in front of their hearts. But I was glad to see them moving so much since I barely feel them move yet.

So after all that, I was so overjoyed to hear that the babies are okay. In reality I did not really need to have this test. And when I left the exam room my dad was fast asleep in the waiting room, poor guy!

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Re: Back from fetal echo

  • I am glad everything looks great!! 
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  • That's great! So happy to hear the appointment went well and all is well with the babies!
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  • Such a relief! Glad that everything looks good.
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  • So glad that everything is going well!!! Hooray for healthy, stubborn babies!!!
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  • that is great news, I am laughing picturing your father asleep in the waiting room.
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  • yay for healthy babies!!! I'm glad everything looks good with your LOs. And that's too cute that your dad went with you and fell asleep. :-)
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  • That's wonderful news!
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  • That is great news!  I love seeing the babies and I love the fetal echos and dopplers.  Call me silly but I just love to see the blood chambered and the pretty colors!  LOL
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  • I'm so happy that everything looks great! Congratulations!
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  • that's great news - glad to hear all is well with the babes!
  • I'm so glad that the babies look good! I'm having this test next week because of the slightly increased risk of heart defects on IVF babies.
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  • I'm so glad that both babies look good hon :)
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  • I'm glad the babies are doing so great!  :)
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  • I'm so glad everything went well!
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