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Have we discussed Teen Mom???

I just watched it this morning...

wow..."Lee-uh"  (I hate how she says the name!) needs to be taken away from those idiots.

Everyone else seems to be getting their acts together but them!  Even Farrah didn't totally piss me off this episode.  Although, if you need to study, you need to find something more developmentally appropriate for your child to do then to tell them to be quiet so you can study! 

Re: Have we discussed Teen Mom???

  • I just finished watching it too. I am truly disgusted in Amber and Gary. That child needs to be put in a better home. And Amber needs some serious anger management. I feel really sorry for their daughter. 

     I agree though... everyone else seems to be getting their lives together. Farrah usually annoys me but she wasn't so bad this week.  

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  • I watched it and it made me so sad.  I mean, I can't stand Gary, but I was amazed that he was able to remain calm when Amber was yelling at him and hitting him.  She needs to have that child taken away from her as she has serious anger issues and honestly just doesn't seem to care about her child at all.  It was so sad to watch. 
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  • I saw bits and peices when DH's show was on commercial.  I caught the part where Amber was hitting Gary and talking about pushing him down the stairs.  DH and I just looked at each other and said "That is on video, it will look really bad in court when trying to get cusditoy of the kid."  I hope they are split up for good now.  I don't like either of them, but Gary could do better I think.  And I agree, Leah needs to be adopted out of that family.
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