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Teachers - I need help

I've been trying to do this assignment for school and I am so freakin lost. HELP!!

I need to do a thematic unit that runs for 2 weeks and a detailed lesson plan from it.  Any grade level from 6-12 and on a topic in social studies, anything at all.  

My problem is that I have NO idea where to start or what it needs to look like.  Does anyone have an example I can look at to get some ideas or can you direct me to a website that can help.  


Oh, my email if it's easier is 

Leanna . Adler at gmail . com 

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Re: Teachers - I need help

  • I hadn't even thought of that, Lani!!!


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  • I'm at work right now so I don't have any of my stuff here, but I have a thematic unit that lasts that long for science so you can see an example. 

     Could you just do me a big favor and email my personal account for a reminder and I'll find you my file and I'll forward it to you. 

    Pick a topic that is interesting to you is the best place to start.  

    Laksrach at hotmail . com

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