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10 month stats :-)

DD has come so far in the last 10 months. She had her well visit today and is finally on the charts for weight and height. She was born 3lbs 15inches and is now 16lbs 11oz and 26 3/4inches. 10th percentile for height and between 5th-10th for weight. Even though every day is a struggle to get her to eat I know how worth it it is when I see how strong she is getting.

They also said she is catching up to her actual age developmentally!!!

One happy and proud mama today :-)

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Re: 10 month stats :-)

  • aw! :) she's so cute!!
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  • Thats so great!!

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  • Congrats!  Great news!
  • That is awesome!
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  • Yay for making it on the growth charts. I know I'm really excited about her 12 month appointment next Friday. Way to go Mama! Keep up the good work.



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