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HELP! baby starts daycare Mon.

I need some advice/help/re-assurance

My baby will be 11wks old on friday and she starts daycare on Monday. She has started kind of having stranger anxiety, where when people she doesnt know talk to her or hold her she gets a HUGE frown and starts sreaming crying. I am so nervouse that she will do this with the daycare lady and that- A. baby will be freaked out and sad all day & B. the poor daycare lady will have to deal with a screaming baby, plus the other kids.

Did any of your children have this reaction to "strangers" at such an early age? What should I do to help her?

Re: HELP! baby starts daycare Mon.

  • Has your LO met any of your family members/friends? Has she demonstrated a similar behavior?

    One suggestion that I can offer is to do a couple of days of trial runs at DC. My DD has no negative reactions to strangers, but I was worried of how she would handle a full-day of day care (it's an in-home DC w/ 2 adult providers and 5 older kids), so I sent her one day for 2-hrs, and then another day for 4-hrs trials. Also, they can sense your anxiety, so try to be calm and upbeat (as much as you can, I know it's tough) during drop off. Good luck!

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  • I don't think she's having stranger anxiety this young.

    I think she's sensing yours. Thats exactly what happened to me when I went back to work. The last week I was with her full time was a nightmare. I was very nervoyr in coming back to work and leaving her and couldn't handle myself.

    My MIL and DH watched her for a week before going to daycare and she was a super easy baby.

    DH and I agreed that she was sensing my stress.

    she'll adapt super fast

    I think it's harder for us

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