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BFing supply question

As the weeks have gone on, my supply during the day has dropped.  I think it's largely due to stress and the lack of an emotional connection with my pump.  I've tried increasing water intake, Mother's Milk tea, looking at pics, and massage while pumping.  I haven't yet tried an herbal supplement.

I am planning on calling an LC this afternoon to discuss this, but I'm also considering nursing Anne when I am with her and FFing when she is at daycare.

Will my body know to produce enough so that I can fill her up in the evening, night, and morning feedings?  Do I need to do anything special to prevent infection if I stop pumping during the day (right now between 7am and 5pm I am only able to pump about 1.5 oz total)



Re: BFing supply question

  • I went from trying to pump twice during the day to only once.  So I'm basically at the point that I give what I can of pumped milk during the day (maybe 1/2 of 1 of her 2 bottles) and the rest is formula.  My body has just adapted and seems to be ok with still filling her up when I'm with her, I had an AF visit for the first time this week and that really screwed up my supply but I think it is rebounding, all that to say, yes I think you will be fine if you go this route.  The other thing to think about though is that on weekends you will probably also need to supplement with a bottle b/c your body won't be used to producing anything during the day.

     Its totally up to you but have you thought of renting a pump just to see if it is your body not responding to your particular pump?  I started to take more milk plus lately and that is the only thing so far that has really helped with supply for me, oh that and compressions while pumping.

  • Good point about the weekends!

    I haven't considered renting a pump, and I also haven't considered replacing the membranes, which I should probably do before I jump into a decision not to pump.  Pumping at work is really stressful for me, both in finding the time to do it, and the conditions under which I pump (in a bathroom, sometimes at lunch), but I think I'll at least mention renting one to the LC to talk about it when I call.


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  • I'm of little help since I didn't nurse, but have you changed the white membranes on your pump? 

    I know how difficult it is to carve out dedicated pump time, but can't imagine trying to do it as a teacher!  Do you have to work while pumping or can you read a book/magazine?  As much as it sounds silly to do, I found that looking at pictures of Olivia and taking some personal time really helped my output.

  • I feel your pain--I head back to work in 3 weeks and there's no way I can pump.  If I can get by not pumping or just taking the edge off at lunch, maybe I'll continue.  My body just doesn't like pumping, I get maybe 2 ounces total and that's on a good day.   I've had to supplement since day 2 or 3, so at least we're used to it. 

    Josie 7.22.10
  • I am so sorry. :(

    The others had good advice on optimizing output...

    I'll comment on another question you had... I stopped pumping at work at 12 months. I was still able to go another 4 months with just nursing Paige at wake-up and bedtime. My supply kept up with those two sessions just fine. They were right around 12 hours apart, so I think that helped "balance" them. 

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