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Hello everyone,

I am almost 42 and ttc for 1st time. Have been for 6 months now. DH is 40 and SA was fine.  All my tests seem normal, except for thyroid,(6.2) but was quickly put on synthroid after my 1st RE visit.  I have just completed my 1st round of Chlomid, and praying for a  BFP this weekend.  

Here is where it gets alittle complicated.  My husband is very conservative and is against IVF.  So we are limited to drugs and IUI.  Now after dinner tonight, he says he doesn't want to rush into IUI.. I scream at him," what do you think we should wait for. My eggs aren't getting any better." He says a few months won't hurt... Grrrrrrr..   I am a bit frustrated and hormonal too. 

So, my question is.... Do most RE doctors for someone my age, make you do a couple of rounds of chlomid 1st, or can we request IUI sooner. Also, do you know the odds of IUI? Does it greatly increase the chance of getting pregnant.  I should add I have insurance, in case this matters. 

Thanks so much.  I have been encouraged to read your posts here and am very glad I found this board. I wish you all the best!


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    I don't know know about most doctors, but my RE told me that to maximize chances at my age (39), in his view if you're going to stimulate your ovaries (i.e. w/clomid), you should also be doing IUI (and vice versa, if you're going to do IUI it should be with medication)--and monitored, of course.  The question of my doing just clomid first never even came up (though it did with a nurse practitioner I saw back in February, but she didn't know what she was doing), but then again the reason we're doing it this way is that my husband and I can't currently live together so IUI *is* our first option.  Still, my sense is that the RE would have just had me start with meds/IUI anyway unless there was a financial issue (which technically there is, since it's all out of pocket, but what can you do).

    Good luck to you!

    me - 41 (dx: DOR); DH - 53 (no problems); 7/18/09 - married!; 8/4/09 - BFP on first (real)try; 9/14/09 - missed m/c; 9/15/09 - d&c; 11/09 - 3/10 - 4 natural cycles = BFN; 4/10 - dx hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease; 6/10 - thyroidectomy; 7/10 - 12/10 - 1 natural and 5 medicated IUI cycles = BFN; 1/11 - new RE; dx low ovarian reserve (AMH .42; 1/26/11 -- BFP (ectopic) from IUI #6; methotrexate 2/10/11; 6/2/11 - IVF #1 = BFN; 9/12/11 - prescreening for DE; 9/15/11 - IUI #7 (unmedicated)= BFN; 11/8 - begin DE cycle (shared risk program); 12/5 - ER (5 eggs/4 mature/3 fertilized/2 left by day 5) 12/10 - ET of one 1BB blast (expanded, "fair" quality), none to freeze; 12/22 - totally shocked by +hpt; beta #1 = 413; #2 = 3952 2/14 - CVS reveals a healthy baby girl! EDD: 8/27/12 DD born 8/31/12, 10 lbs 10 oz and perfect in every way. 
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    Hi lhcooper, i dont have any advice or info im afraid, as i will probably be going down that route in a couple of months and for now i have no clue, i just want to say that you will get lots of info here from the ladies and i wish you the best of luck!!!!
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    If you look at the literature IUI isn't even recommended for women over 38. I just did 3 with femara (which seems to be prefered over Clomid for women over 35) even though I was 39 and turned 40 on my last one.  The success rate is about 25%. 
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    My story is similar to yours.  We started TTC#1 in May.  We're 41.  On my OB's advice we went straight to an RE.  She let us choose.  She outlined orals with IUI, injectables with IUI and IVF.  She did not put orals alone out there as a choice.  Honestly we were almost going to go straight for IVF but we decided on injectables with IUI for our first try.  ...I hope to know on Saturday if it worked out.  If it didn't I'm not sure we'll do the typical three tries before moving to IVF.  Might just go straight to IVF.  But I really hope the IUI (we did follistim and two days back to back IUIs) worked!!!!   Time is limited for us some REs have cut off ages for certain treatments at 42, 43 or so. So we know all to well our try chances are limited. Good luck.  I hope you'll keep us posted on what you and DH decide. Hopefully he'll come around on the time limitations.  It's good that insurance isn't too much of a barrier for you.  again, best of luck.



    About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC #1 since May 2010, married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug.2010 Sept 2010 IUI #1=BFN, Oct=cyst/bfn, Nov 2010 IUI #2 = bfn. Had to postpone IUI #3 b/c of a cyst natural=BFN. Skipped IUI #3, decided to go for IVF. Found/removed uterine polyps Jan 2011. IVF cancelled, no follicles. IVF #2: 3 great embies put in on Easter Sunday = BFN. Hoping for another chance at IVF in July. TTC is NOT for wimps.
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    Haven't gone down that road and may not be able to.    But I did want to welcome you to the board.  The women here are the best and the most supportive you'll find.
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