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Recommend your: Bra

Is there a good place in Charlotte to get a wireless bra that has support without spending an arm and a leg? I can't stand mine digging into me and I have 10 more weeks before a nursing bra. TIA!

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  • I wore the nursing bra once I was pregnant and grew out of my other bras, instead of buying two sets.

    Have you tried any nursing bras on? I had success at target.

  • I also went ahead and got a nursing bra at that point.  I bought the Bravado nursing bras and love love love them.  They are good too because it fits a range of sizes in one size so it will fit now and probably afterwards. I had no problem with mine fitting when my milk came in.
    My sweet boy :)
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  • I heard good things about the Target brand maternity bras and also the Bravado ones too. Guess I'll have to check them out. I went to Belks last night and got a wireless one to try out. So far it is okay - I think most of my problem is I sit too much during the day. I think I can resolve that by getting up and walking around - - and a new bra. :)
  • Which Target bras are you guys talking about?  I had success there with the night time ones (the cotton ones-very comfy) but I thought the regular bras were SUPER uncomfortable.

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