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f/u: clothing issues...

I always hear from other mom's how thier LO's out grow their clothes.  We don't have that problem, Nic doesn't out grow his clothes in a season. We have some winter clothes from last year that will be fitting him this year.  His summer clothes still fits.  I try not to worry about his size but how can I not.  He is wearing 12/18 month clothes.  I don't buy ahead of time b/c I don't know what he will be wearing.  Tell me not wot worry please?  (FYI: he is 21 lbs 6oz and 31.5 inches) 

Re: f/u: clothing issues...

  • I'm sure he's just fine - some people are just more petite & Nic is probably one of them. If your doctor hasn't said anything, I wouldn't worry about it for a second.
  • I agree with BTP.  Sounds like he's just petite.  I wouldn't worry if your pedi wasn't concerned.  I'm sure when he's a teenager, he'll skyrocket up with the best of them.
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  • Thanks Racey and BTP.  The doc is never worried and I agree he is just petite. I should stop comparing him to other kids and accept that there is nothing wrong, he is just small. 
  • I wouldn't worry one bit!  If it makes you feel any better Ella still wears her 9-12 month clothes (although her pants are getting highwater-ish).  DH and I were laughing about that yesterday - Ella wears out her clothes b4 she grows out of them. I tried buying ahead at cosingment sales and found that the stuff I bought last year will still not fit her so think I'll have to give that up! 
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  • N- I know u and I have had this convo many of times...dont worry about Nic he is just fine esp. since he's eating pretty well from what i remember u telling me. Our boys just burn it off before they can put on weight. Jack has quite a few pairs of pants that range 12-18 months that still fit and the waists on some are big...though the length is gonna be an issue pretty soon cuz he seems to be growing up not out. 
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